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"Tell me, what is it you are going to do with your one rare and precious life?"                  Mary Oliver, Poet

 Through dialog and feedback, clients set goals, develop new skills and solve problems.  Content is suitable for individuals or small mentoring cohorts at any level of an organization.

Self-Assessment— A variety of assesssment tools give clients insight into behavior patterns and the way they are perceived by others.

Understanding Emotional Systems—Clients use Systems Theory to understand underlying dynamics of an organization and the leadership role they play.

Relationship Patterns—Careful observation of organizational culture and norms generate strategies for change.

Visioning—Clients clearly articulate personal meaning, passion, and the difference between career milestones and lifetime goals.

Futuring—Clients learn to  evaluate trends and critical uncertainties to inform the decisions facing individuals and organizations.

Implementation—Setting goals, disciplined execution and measuring results hold clients accountable for performance.

 "Ping pong balls, lightening rods, land mines"—Clients learn to manage themselves in the middle of chaos and upheaval.

Celebration—Ongoing acknowledgement of progress, lessons learned, grace given and grace received..