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Each workshop includes conceptual models applicable to business settings.  Experiential activities and case studies can be tailored to meet specific organizational needs.

Navigating Change.  This workshop teaches how change affects an organization’s culture and its employees.  Leaders will learn to plan and implement large, whole-system culture shifts by using processes and policies that mitigate the impact of change on productivity .

Real-time Strategy.  This workshop focuses on the difference between strategic planning and dynamic, evergreen strategic direction.   It includes an introduction to future studies, scenario planning, and strategic thinking technology as they apply to issues facing individuals, organizations and society.

Weighing the Odds/Taking the Risks.  This workshop teaches leaders how to use systems thinking, emotional intelligence, and decision support technology to sort through data overload and make wise and timely decisions.  Skill practice is based on historical case studies.

Emotional Intelligence and Business Capability.  This workshop focuses on how personal reactivity and underlying relationship patterns jam the functioning of any group, team or organization.  Based on Bowen Systems Theory, it will build the leader's capacity to become self-aware and influence constructive problem solving.

Growing Talent.  Based on the research from the Center for Creative Leadership, this workshop teaches how to recognize and develop high-potential employees through high-risk assignments, clear feedback, and supportive organizational policies.

The "Success" Trap.  This workshop focuses on understanding predictable stages of an organization's growth and decline and their effect on leadership, strategy, personnel and administrative systems.  Leaders will learn to recognize paradigm shifts before it's too late, and strategies to keep the organization fast and flexible. 

The "Jurassic" Spark.  This workshop focuses on the role of innovation and creativity in the health and vitality of an organization.  Participants will tap their personal creativity through art, movement, and improvisation to find new approaches to their lives and relationships.

Myths, Metaphors and Storytelling.  This workshop teaches how to use experiences and implicit information embedded within the folklore of the organization to establish explicit shared values, cultural norms and meaning. 

Knowledge Management.  This workshop focuses on the tools and techniques that enable an organization to maintain competitive advantage by continually renewing its intellectual capital, capturing and sharing lessons learned, and becoming a learning organization.