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Executive Briefings--Understand the "pros" and "cons" of succession planning options, including current research, an outline of the decisions that are necessary to implement a program, the roles and responsibilities of different organizational units, and roadblocks to success.

Program Charters--Pull together a team of executives, human resources, managers and employee representatives to custom design a clear, fair, and systematic process specific to the future needs of the organization.

Future Searches/Needs Analysis--Explore trends and critical uncertainties that will impact the organization's future. As possible opportunities to shape the desired future emerge, the organization can profile the type of leader that will be able to meet the demands of a rapidly changing environment and analyze the new competencies needed for the workforce to be successful.

High-Potential Cohorts--Establish a year-long, facilitated, learning community of 7-10 emerging leaders focused on benchmarking and action learning projects.

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We will work with you to develop a clear, fair, and systematic process that gets results. 
You will:

* Have a clear picture of your
competitive strategy.
*Identify the skills you need
for the future.
*Attract and retain 
highly qualified employees.
* Build bench strength that keeps you
fast and flexible.